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Film Transfer 16mm, Super & Regular 8mm

Spectra PhotoVideo provides a full range of services to transfer your home movies to a digital format.


We use state-of-the-art digital equipment to provide you with a superior film-to-video transfer job.

Spectra Difference

 ✓ Simple Ordering
 ✓ Clear Pricing with no Add-ons
 ✓ Only Charged for What is Transferred
  Professional Telecine/Transfer Equipment
 ✓ Super 8mm Film with Sound Accepted
 ✓ Film Monitoring During Transfer Process

 ✓ Light Exposure Adjustments During Transfer
 ✓ Air cleaning of your film
 ✓ Free Online Download

  Pay When The Job is Completed

Film Transfer Cost (to DVD or Digital File)

Minimum: $25/order   $15/reel

Additional Services

Film Types Accepted

Formats We Transfer To

Our Process

We use ELMO digital projectors (the

world leader in presentation equipment)

to provide you with a superior

film-to-video transfer job. The digital

projectors are equipped with a 410,000

pixel color CCD video camera, producing

over 450 horizontal TV lines of

high-resolution video images. Your film goes directly from the projector to our recording equipment enhancing the quality of the transfer.


We correct up to two stops over- and/or under-exposure of your film for better quality of transfer and viewing.

We transfer your film directly from your reels. This minimizes the chance of damage to your film as most likely they have become very fragile over time or if they were not stored properly.


We clean our projector's lens after every reel to ensure that no dust from your old movies is in the way.

Film Transfer Estimator

We have developed this tool to help you get an idea of the approximate cost for your job.

Click on "Film Transfer Estimator" tool to launch the tool (Excel format).

"I just wanted to drop you a note of praise. I picked up my converted Super 8mm movies and am completely impressed. The conversion quality is amazing, easily better than anything I could have done. But more importantly, it's the little things done that makes it even better. I love the way the film reels are numbered so it's obvious the order on the tapes. Awesome job! Well worth the investment."

                                                                 - Michael O.

For additional information or a quote please call (703) 847-6932 or email
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