Photos & Slides Scanning

Digitize your slides, negatives and photos, and you can stop the deterioration process on the images and use the new, crisp images like you would any digital camera image.


Spectra PhotoVideo will convert 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, large format slides or photos to a digital format while they are still in good condition. Our conversion process shown below has been refined to get the best quality results available.


By digitizing the slides and photos, they will be preserved so no more color fading, no new scratches or damage to the images. Also, with the JPEG/TIFF digital formats you can take advantage of all the software and services available for digital camera users. This includes PC based albums to organize, on-line photo share, display and print the scanned images.

The Spectra Difference


  • We use professional scanning equipment

  • Correction for color range and over/underexposure

  • Color Fade & Restoration applied as required

  • Manual Spotting for scratch removal on main subject

  • Image is rotated and cropped to eliminate black borders

  • Print and Video Ready CDs & DVDs

  • Experienced professionals

  • 1,000s of satisfied customers

  • Quick turnaround

Pictures & Slides We Can Scan

Formats We Scan To

35mm Slides & 35mm Negative

Minimum charge: $25/order                *Maximum TIFF resolution is 2400 PPI

                                                          **Additional $1/negative if not scanning the whole strip


Minimum charge: $25/order                 Additional Charge for Photos in Albums: $.25/each

120/220 & 4x5 Transparencies

Minimum charge: $25/order                                 *Maximum TIFF resolution is 2400 PPI

Original Scan

Digital  Correction

For images that are significantly faded or scratched, there will be an extra charge to recover and repair the images. We will contact you to inform you if such recovery is needed.

Material submitted for scanning needs to be out of any albums and ready to be scanned

Order of pictures, slides, and negatives cannot be maintained when scanned. We will however group your material in folders where possible.

Our Process

Kodak Kodachrome optimized scanning. Even with old, slightly color faded or ill processed Kodachrome slides, we can scan them clean of dust and scratches. This creates the best possible image to start with, requiring less clean up and better quality results.


Our digital artists review each image and correct for color range and over/underexposure. Color correction is also applied creating a color balanced image.


The image is rotated and cropped for proper orientation and to remove black borders around the image.


We also perform manual spotting on the scanned images. This is a very time consuming process by which a digital artist looks at every image and skillfully removes the majority of dust and scratches that are visible on the digital image.


Images are print ready. The CDs can be sent to most print shops and printed on regular photographic paper.


Images are video ready. Our CDs and DVDs can be played directly on most new DVD players to display the images on your TV. We can also create a DVD video with music and titles from your images. Please contact us for more details on this service.


For additional information or a quote please call (703) 847-6932 or email

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