Meticulous attention to detail, state-of-the-art equipment, premium quality materials, reasonable prices, and quick turnaround are the hallmarks of Spectra PhotoVideo's service. 


We provide high quality video & audio format conversion & digitizing; home movies (8mm/Super8/16mm) transfer to DVD; photo & slide scanning; CD & DVD duplication; photo video; tape repair; video editing.

Video Conversion & Digitizing
Film Transfer
Audio Conversion & Digitizing
Photo Scanning
Slides & Negatives Scanning
CD & DVD Duplication
Tape Repair
Photo & Slide Video Show
Video Conversion &


Converting your video to the DVD or digital format allows you to preserve your video for many years to come.


While tape degrades every time you play it, DVDs can be played thousands of times without any change in quality.



Film Transfer
(16mm & 8mm)


Spectra PhotoVideo provides a full range of services to transfer your home movies to a digital format.


We use ELMO digital projectors (the world leader in presentation equipment) to provide you with a superior film-to-video transfer job.


International Video Conversion (PAL / SECAM)


Spectra PhotoVideo can convert your videos between the various international video standards - PAL / SECAM / NTCS.


International video tapes we convert from are: VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, miniDV, and DVCam.

Audio Conversion & Digitizing

Convert your audio tapes and reel-to-reel to CD or MP3 and you can preserve them for many years to come. While tape degrades every time you play it, CDs can be played thousands of times without any change in quality.


Spectra PhotoVideo will convert your audio cassette tapes ......


Photos & Slides Scanning

Digitize your slides, negatives and photos, and you can stop the deterioration process on the images and use the new, crisp images like you would any digital camera image.


Spectra PhotoVideo will convert 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, large format slides or photos ......

CD & DVD Duplication


Spectra PhotoVideo provides CD & DVD duplication with quick turnaround. We offer competitive pricing with our standard high quality.

We use the latest in duplicating and label printing equipment. Both in-stock and custom packaging is available.

Photo Video Slide Show

Setting photos of your loved one(s) to music is a treasured addition to any party or special event.


We create Photo Videos on a DVD from your pictures (prints and digital), slides, and/or videos. Your family memories will come alive with this custom video of your photos and slides.


Video Tape Repair


Whether you have a spliced tape and/or broken case in need of replacement, if it can be fixed, Spectra PhotoVideo will fix it for you.


We repair VHS tapes.

"Your material is handled with utmost care and confidentiality"

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