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Video Conversion & Digitizing

Converting your video to a digital format allows you to preserve your video for many years to come. While a tape degrades every time you play it, digital video files can be played thousands of times without any change in quality.


Not only will your videos be preserved, but with a DVD or a digital video file you can better navigate your video, make additional copies, and edit your videos.


Spectra Difference

 ✓ Simple Ordering
✓ Clear Pricing with no Add-ons
✓ Professional Phone Support
✓ Free Online Download
✓ No Charge for Blank Tapes
✓ No Fee if Disposal is Requested
✓ Pay When The Job is Done
✓ Quick Turnaround
✓ All Work is Done In-House​

Conversion Cost (per tape)

* Formats: MPEG-4, MOV, or AVI. Includes free online download of video files.

** Includes: DVD-R, jewel case and label with your title on your DVD.

Additional Charges

* If camera does not power up and we need to break the enclosure to get to the tape.

** Must be new and in original shrink wrap.

DVD to Digital File

Tape Formats Accepted

Formats We Convert To

USB Thumb Drives*

* The above USB Thumb Drives are available for purchase. Free online file(s) download included in the conversion price.

We apologize but we are unable to convert copyrighted material, adult material, or water, mold, fire, or smoke damaged tapes.

 * mini-DVDs that are recorded on both sides will count as two (2) DVDs. mini-DVDs must be finalized.

Do you have 50+ tapes? Call us for a Quote

For additional information or a quote please call (703) 847-6932 or email
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