Video Conversion & Digitizing

Converting your video to a digital format allows you to preserve your video for many years to come. While a tape degrades every time you play it, digital video files can be played thousands of times without any change in quality.


Not only will your videos be preserved, but with a DVD or a digital video file you can better navigate your video, make additional copies, and edit your videos.


Spectra Difference

 ✓ Simple Ordering
 ✓ Clear Pricing with no Add-ons
 ✓ Professional Phone Support
 ✓ Free Online Storage/Download
 ✓ No Charge for Blank Tapes
 ✓ No Fee if Disposal is Requested
 ✓ Pay When The Job is Done
 ✓ Quick Turnaround
 ✓ All Work is Done In-House​

Conversion Cost (per tape)

* Formats: MPEG-4, MOV, and AVI. Includes free online download of video files.

** Includes: DVD-R, jewel case and label with your title on your DVD.

Additional Charges (applies only to the following)

DVD to Digital File (per DVD)

 * mini-DVDs that are recorded on both sides will count as two (2) DVDs. mini-DVDs must be finalized.

Tape Formats Accepted

Formats We Convert To

* The above USB Thumb Drives are available for purchase. Free online file(s) downloaded included in the conversion price.

USB Thumb Drives*

We apologize but we are unable to convert copyrighted material, adult material, or water, mold, fire, or smoke damaged tapes.

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